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How to Conference Call Set Up

To begin conferencing notify participants of the dial in number, access code of your conference, along with the date and time of the conference. All participants will call the same dial in number, and enter the same access code followed by the # key.  The conference with begin in Conversation Mode (all participants will be able to talk).  Participant keys can be used by all callers on the conference call.

Entering Access Codes

Participants should enter the access code provided to you followed by the # key. The host of the conference can access additional features by entering the * key at the end of the access code instead of the # key.
123456# access to participant feature keys

Participant Feature Keys

Teleconferencing Participant Dialer

Moderator Feature Keys

Teleconferencing Moderator Keypad

Access Recordings


Participants with Web Control can access their recordings on their online dashboard. The files will be present at the end of a conference. The files can be downloaded by right mouse clicking on the file.

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