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Conference Call Etiquettes

No Cost Conference Call Etiquettes - Where technology is a part of your world aims to provide quality conference call services to its clients. However, at the same time, we are aware how important it is to have the proper etqiuettes while attending a personal or business conference call.

This is our effort to let you on a few suggestions which we try to implement ourselves while on a conference call. The primary aim is to share some good practices given the large number of communication tools available at hand nowadays.

Conference Calls bring people together from all walks of life from various regions. We are amazed at the responses received and what our support staff have to tell us everyday, its a great feeling to know we get loved ones closer at no cost as well as provide corporate conferences.

Conference Call Etiquettes Image


The following guidelines fall into the category of proper calling etiquettes when availing of conference call services:


Inviting parties - Request for a conference call

If you are initiating the call, request all other parties if they have time or at an appropriate place to attend the conference call with you at the given time.


Topics during a conference call

It is best to avoid non-business related conversations since many individuals at the conference may feel left out when you share a private joke with the others. Casual conversation relating to all ensures that all of your colleagues are comfortable during the conference.


Invitations for an on-going conference call

Affirmation from everyone already present during a conference call is best before inviting an individual(s) to join into the on-going conference. This is very important while discussing sensitive business issues and introduction of a new participant may not be readily welcome.


People around you during a conference call

Be considerate of people standing or sitting near you and always try to ensure you are far enough from other people so that they are not forced to listen into your call.


Avoid shouting during a conference call

Many times, due to background noise or problems with a bad connection, without realizing we tend to shout so that we are heard properly. Nowadays, most phones have a sensitive microphone capable of picking up the lowest of speech tones.


Appropriate place for a conference call

Please avoid talking while driving. If it is an important business conference call, best to pull over to a parking slot and avoid disaster. The cell savvy user would never use a mobile while driving except if its "hands free" and limits conversations in high traffic.


Pleasant tone and discussions

We provide conference call services to aid you in making that important business call or reaching out to your loves ones spread all over the country. We would personally feel low if we hear reports of conference calls being used for firing employees, chastising employees, argue with colleagues or fight with your spouse or family. Such matters are best discussed face to face and not really meant for during a conference call.


Multi-tasking during a call

We all are good at one task or the other and often feel can carry on that task even during a conference call, but there are times when multi-tasking can be dangerous or even rude.


Thank you for taking time out to read the above and we hope you enjoy our services for a long time to come.

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