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  • Steps to Create a Successful Prayer Line

    Millions of people every day turn to the power of prayer, and their church community, for guidance and any number of other reasons. Your ministry can reach many more people, and create a fountain of good faith and connection with the community by establishing a prayer line. But just how to do it?: 1) Settle […]

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  • Setting Up a Meaningful Corporate Earnings Call

    Keeping investors informed on a quarterly basis. For CFOs and other company managers, earnings calls are a necessary evil. But they don’t have to be the bland, scripted reading of the latest numbers. There’s a better way. And better technology to do it. Set up Free Conference Calling standard, and you’ll have a dial-in number […]

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  • Setting Up Google Hangouts Video Conference Call

    Google hangouts can be a good solution for your conference call. It’s typically good quality video and audio (if your internet connection is strong), and doesn’t require additional downloads for most users. It does, however, require: That each participant have a Gmail or other Google-enabled email address That the moderator/host know these email addresses That […]

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  • Conference Calling via Skype

    If you have Skype installed on your computer, and have an active account, you can set up a Skype conference call (Group Call). This will allow you to be the hub for a group of up to 24 other people. Adding people who already have Skype is free. To add people who aren’t on Skype, […]

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  • Conference Call on Android Phone

    All Android phones (Samsung, LG, Nexus, Moto X, etc.) running current operating systems have the capability to connect up to three callers total. If you need to set up a conference call with more than three people (including yourself), we suggest No Cost Conference Free Conference Calling Standard service. If three will do it for […]

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  • iPhone Conference Call Setup

    iPhone conference calls are pretty straightforward to set up, but they do have limitations. Up to five callers* can be merged into one call. If that works for your needs, check out the steps below. If you need to connect more than five people, or something easier why not choose our Free Conference Calling Standard […]

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  • How to Set Up a Prayer Line Conference Call

    Many congregations and community groups are using convenient free conference call systems to organize prayer calls and ongoing 24 hour prayer lines. This is an excellent way to connect people who can’t be together in person, to share in the power of prayer. A prayer line can be set up on our system in a […]

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  • How to Listen to Recorded Conference

    Q: I just recorded a call and I have followed all the steps to be able to listen to it and the speaker icon is not coming up. Please help. A: Please follow instructions here for step-by-step instructions on how to listen / download saved call recordings.

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