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  • Alzheimer’s Support Group Conference Call

    Here’s another great idea for utilizing a conference bridge for the public good, at low/no cost for a segment of population that could use some help. Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients. So often these are family members and others working in isolation, feeling frustrated and alone in their difficult work. What better way to connect these […]

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  • Conference Calling as Part of Green Strategy

    Even if you’re organization isn’t yet committed to the B Corporation status, there’s no doubt that greening your operation has multiple benefits: Reducing overall cost and environmental impact, increasing sustainability, increasing consumer recognition, augmenting marketing reach, the list goes on. One very simple way to save money and green your operation is to encourage and […]

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  • Dealing with Rude and Disruptive Callers

    There are few things more annoying than an uninvited, rude, disruptive guest on a conference call. But it can happen to everyone, even top-flight professional organizations like the NBA’s Portland Trailblazers, who had a problem on a recent call announcing Pau Gasol coming to the team. Hopefully you won’t have this experience on our system, […]

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  • Popular Conference Platforms Compared

    Free Conference Calls, Video Calls, Group Screen Shares, Web Control. So Many Features! Updated July 2019 How to decide what conference platform is for you? With all the conferencing options out there these days, it can be hard to sort through all the marketing blather and figure out which one is the best for your […]

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  • 6 Great Ideas for Joining a Conference Call Away from the Office

    It’s a common scenario: You’re in an airport, or a coffee shop, and realize it’s time for your weekly sales team conference call. You’ve got the info you need to dial in and join a conference call, so that’s no problem. But should you really just plug in and start a call in the middle […]

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  • Who is Using No Cost Conference?

    You may be looking at a variety of no- or low- cost conference call providers, and wondering which way to turn. Maybe it helps to know what kind of groups and business operations are using NCC services are part of their regular operations. Below is a list of organizations using No Cost Conference Free Conference […]

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  • Why Conference Calls are Perfect for Support Groups

    Support groups can be tough to manage, difficult to sustain, and a particular challenge for solo group leaders. Selecting a venue and getting people to show up consistently, let alone engage, can be tough. Conference calls can be a great solution, by opening up your support group to more people, and lowering the bar for […]

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  • 6 Things You Can Do to Keep Conference Calls Smooth

    We’ve developed a very popular page on the NCC site about conference call etiquette. There is much to be learned for people new to conference calls, and even for veterans, to keep things flowing and trouble-free. Who knew that the world of conference calling could be fraught with so many dangers? We’ve recently updated the […]

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  • Quick Conference Call on The Go

    You’ve got a conference call in two minutes! At least the conference line at the office is probably free. But you’re not at the office. Uh oh. You’re in the car, getting coffee, running errands, or just coming out of another meeting. What to do? You could set up your conference call via smart phone […]

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  • Is Conference Call Recording Always Legal?

    No Cost Conference offers free conference call recording with both our Free Conference Calling Standard and Free Conference Calling with Web Control services. Users sometimes have questions about the legality of recording their conferences. State and Federal laws have a lot to say about recordings of calls between two people. Do these laws affect conference […]

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